Justin Theroux did not find Post-Its from Brad Pitt during his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, despite a new tabloid cover story about a dispute over "love notes." Gossip Cop can exclusively corrected these claims. We're told they're "fabricated."

The new cover of Us Weekly promises to take readers into "Jen's shattered world," and teases information about her "intimate love notes from Brad," in addition to "how Justin found them" and his "shocking reaction." In the accompanying story, the gossip magazine quotes a so-called "source" who alleges that "two years ago," Theroux "stumbled upon old Post-Its Brad had written" for Aniston during their marriage. The purported tipster alleges the messages were simple compliments, like "you look nice tonight," but the outlet maintains they had a "huge" impact when Theroux supposedly discovered them.

Though Aniston "assured him they weren't a big deal," the publication's questionable insider insists Theroux "wasn't thrilled." The alleged 2016 incident is used to support the claim that "insecurity on Theroux's part" contributed to the couple's breakup now in 2018. Tellingly, though, there's a suspicious lack of key information. When, exactly, two years were the notes supposedly uncovered? Where did Theroux find them? And why did it affect their marriage two years later? Notably, the tabloid doesn't address these pertinent details, even though a legitimate "source" should surely know them if this alleged dispute actually took place.

What's also glaring is that as the article goes on, the magazine repeats its wrong contention that Theroux stayed in the "guest house" before he and Aniston split. "He would spend most of his time in the guest house," a purported "insider" claims in the story, with the publication further alleging he "even slept in that bungalow." But as Gossip Cop reported when this untrue allegation was first peddled earlier this week, the former "Friends" star and Theroux's home doesn't have a guest house, as evidenced by Aniston's Architectural Digest cover story about her Los Angeles home earlier this month. One would think a real "insider" and an outlet that was truly in-the-know would be aware of that (or a faker would have read that article).

But it seems the tabloid's take on Aniston's "shattered world" isn't too accurate. In fact, as opposed to the tabloid's unnamed "source,"a rep for Aniston made a point of exclusively telling Gossip Cop on the record, "There were no Post-It notes. It's a fabrication." These falsehoods, the "love notes" and the "guest house," seem to be exactly what the exes warned about when Aniston and Theroux announced they were separated. In their statement, they stressed, "Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else's fictional narrative." These latest claims definitely count as fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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