Justin Bieber Zoo Fundraiser Story NOT True

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Bieber Bowmanville Zoo Fundraiser

By Michael Lewittes |

Bieber Bowmanville Zoo Fundraiser

(ET Canada/Instagram)

Justin Bieber and his family are not throwing a fundraiser for the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario on August 28, despite claims. Bieber’s own family has blasted this rumor.

The Bowmanville Zoo is closing down after 97 years, and it is raising money on Sunday to relocate its animals to other zoos and sanctuaries. But Bieber won’t be there, regardless of what’s been written online. In a Facebook post, the zoo writes that its biggest challenge is keeping “the animals fed, happy and healthy,” while it looks for new homes for them, and so it’s sponsoring a special day called “Bieber Family Fun Day, or ‘BFF Day!’” In addition to naming Jeremy Bieber, the zoo claims, “The goal of BFF Day is to raise money and awareness for the successful rehoming of our animals… And who knows, maybe other mystery guests will make an appearance that day, too!”

Meanwhile, a Canadian outlet called reported “sources had said [Bieber] would perform, and added that while that hasn’t been confirmed, the singer “will be joined at the zoo by his family, including his father and siblings.” The site even noted that the ticket to the alleged Bieber event cost $295, and that even “children and babies-in-arms are required to have a ticket for admission.”

Also, rather than checking with the Biebers, ET Canada got a statement from the animals right group PETA, which said it hope the “money raised on Sunday will end up in the right hands, meaning accredited sanctuaries that can properly take care of the animals who have been caged in this zoo for years… We encourage Justin Bieber to ensure that these funds will be used to help these inmates directly.” Bieber, of course, ran afoul of PETA when he was pictured (above) previously handling a tiger at the Bowmanville Zoo.

But the Biebers are not involved with the Bowmanville Zoo fundraiser. Jeremy Bieber tweeted on Wednesday, “My family is in no way affiliated or supports any zoo. Nor are we apart of or the host of any fundraiser.”

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