Justin Bieber And Zedd Are Not Working On New Album Together, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber Zedd Album

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Zedd Album


Zedd is NOT working on Justin Bieber’s album, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively report the story is 100 percent made up. We’re told there’s isn’t an ounce of truth to it.

According to the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, Bieber and Zedd “buried the hatchet” and will be collaborating, “despite Selena Gomez.” The webloid then throws in a fake quote from an equally fake “source,” saying, “Things are good [between Justin and Zedd] right now… the bad blood is over.” The site alleges that Skrillex “put an end to their beef” when he made Bieber and Zedd “get on the phone and sort things out.”

HollywoodLies, as the outlet is known because of its penchant for manufacturing stories that don’t check out, then writes that after all their “dissing and fighting,” the two men have “patched things up,” even though Zedd is “still going strong with Selena.” The webloid fills out its post with a number of questions, including asking its readers, who aren’t journalists, whether Zedd’s relationship with Gomez is now in “danger.”

There have been so many wrong and fabricated HollywoodLife stories that Gossip Cop has corrected about Bieber, Gomez, and Zedd, it’s mind boggling and would take up too much space here, so feel free to use our site’s “search” function. Much like the hundreds of other posts by that webloid, this latest one about Bieber and Zedd collaborating is also entirely fictitious. An actual Bieber insider tells Gossip Cop, the claim is pure “BS.”


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