Justin Bieber Sued For Allegedly Stealing ‘Sorry’

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Justin Bieber White Hinterland Lawsuit

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber White Hinterland Lawsuit

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Justin Bieber is being sued by indie artist White Hinterland, who alleges the singer stole the vocal riff from her 2014 track “Ring The Bell” and used it for his hit song “Sorry.”

In her court filing, Hinterland, whose real name is Casey Dienel, says the 8-second vocal loop featured at the beginning of “Sorry” is uniquely female and indistinguishable from her own tune. Additionally, the indie musician argues that both her song and Bieber’s include a heavy use of keyboard synthesizers, percussion and other similar sounds. Hinterland further says Bieber ignored her late last year when she tried to reach out and warn him to stop using what she claims to be her vocals.

Also included as defendants in Hinterland’s lawsuit are “Sorry” producer Skrillex and co-writers Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Sonny Moore and Michael Tucker. The singer-songwriter is asking for an undisclosed amount of money, as well as for Bieber to be forbidden from playing her beat.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Bieber is also currently facing a $10 million copyright lawsuit for his 2010 collaboration with Usher on “Somebody To Love.” We have reached out to a rep for Bieber for comment, but are still waiting for a response. Gossip Cop will have updates as this story further develops. Listen to the beginning of both “Sorry” and “Ring the Bell” in the videos below to compare the two tunes.


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