Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?”: Singer Announces New Single On Ryan Seacrest Radio Show — WATCH VIDEO!

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Justin Bieber Announcement Ryan Seacrest Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Announcement Ryan Seacrest Video


Justin Bieber’s new single will be called “What Do You Mean?,” and will drop in exactly 30 days. The singer announced the news during “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday. Watch below!

Bieber first hinted to the big news on Monday, tweeting to manager Scooter Braun, “Big announcement this week.” On Tuesday, Seacrest’s team revealed Bieber was set for an in-studio interview, and he later cryptically tweeted to the host, “See u tomorrow for the announcement ;).” Indeed, Bieber went to the KISS-FM headquarters in Los Angeles o Wednesday, and shortly after 8 a.m. local time, Seacrest invited him to finally reveal his secret.

The interview began with talk of Bieber’s appearance on “Knock Knock Live,” and his penchant of skateboarding. After a break, the star announced what everyone was really waiting to hear. “I’ve been working a lot in the studio, just trying to have a consistent sound, a cohesive sound,” Bieber said, candidly admitting, “I get in my head a lot and I get kind of depressed because I want it to work so badly. I want people to love it. I want to inspire people. Sometimes I wonder, ‘Is this good enough? Is this the direction I want to go?’ I had kind of a rough week last week. I get in my head and I don’t want to get out of bed sometimes.”

The new single was produced by Poo Bear. As for the track’s meaning, Bieber said, “Girls are often flip-floppy. They say something and they mean something else. So … what do you mean? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.” The uptempo song is “fun, summery,” according to the singer. It will officially premiere on August 28.

Bieber, of course, has spent much of this year teasing fans about new music. He’s frequently tweeted about being in the studio, and has done several interviews in which he’s spoken about his highly-anticipated next record. It will be Bieber’s first regular studio album since 2012’s Believe, and his first batch of new songs since the 2013 Journals compilation.

Bieber’s solo version of “Where Are U Now,” which was released as a collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo earlier this year, is expected to be among the album’s tracks. Check out an Intagram clip and photo teaser below, as well as Bieber’s full interview with Seacrest. TELL US: Are you excited about Bieber’s new single? NOTE: Bieber has since deactivated his Instagram account and removed his videos.


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