Justin Bieber Gives Hailey Baldwin “Wet Willy” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Wet Willy

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Wet Willy


Justin Bieber posted a video of himself giving Hailey Baldwin a “Wet Willy” during a beach vacation to Anguilla in which she accompanied the singer and his family. See the video below.

While Bieber has been posting various Instagram photos from the trip, including a shot of him and his younger siblings making sandcastles, it’s the pictures and video he’s shared of himself with Baldwin that have the fans talking.

In fact, “Justin and Hailey” became a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday after Bieber posted an Instagram video in which he licks his finger and sticks it in her ear while she’s looking in the other direction. He captioned the Wet Willy video, “She thought we were taking a photo.”

Bieber also shared Snapchat photos of Baldwin playing with his younger brother, Jaxon, and one of the model loaning him her hair tie. “I’ll take that,” he captioned the picture.

Of course, Bieber’s Twitter followers are once again debating the nature of his relationship with Baldwin, but as Gossip Cop has previously reported, the two are just good friends. Watch the video below of Bieber giving Baldwin a “Wet Willy,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think. NOTE: Bieber’s Instagram has since been deactivated, and the video is no longer available.


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