Justin Bieber Valentine’s Day Video With “Kissing Couple” Fools HollywoodLife

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Justin Bieber Valentines Day

By Daniel Gates |

Justin Bieber Valentines Day


How bad is HollywoodLife? Well, the Internet’s equivalent of a dumpster fire has been spreading lies about Justin Bieber for years, and on Saturday tried to turn the singer’s Valentine’s Day Instagram post into some kind of dramatic indication that he’s missing on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez. Unfortunately, HollywoodLife just showed its own ignorance. Again.

Here’s how the webloid interpreted Bieber’s silly, lighthearted post: “The singer posted a sad video on Instagram in honor of Valentine’s Day, but he wasn’t exactly celebrating.” Oh? “Justin totally fooled us. We totally thought he was celebrating Valentine’s Day with a girl when he posted his new Instagram video about the holiday, but we were sadly mistaken,” continued HollywoodLife.

Um, “sadly mistaken” is an understatement. HollywoodLife described the clip this way: “In the video, the singer’s feet and an unknown girl’s feet are seen standing in front of each other next to the beach. Just when you believed Justin was picking the girl up for a romantic kiss, he revealed that he was just using his arms to make it seem like he had a girl! Aw!”

Except… the funny “kissing couple” prank is a years-old viral video. It’s NOT Justin Bieber. He just liked the clip. HollywoodLife is so desperate to turn anything he does into controversy, it didn’t even check to see if it was actually Bieber in the video before rushing to claim it was a sign of how much he allegedly misses Gomez. Oops. Watch the video below. NOTE: Bieber has since deactivated his Instagram account, and his video is no longer available.


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