Justin Bieber “Today” Show Absence Explained — EXCLUSIVE

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Justin Bieber Today Interview Postponed Paris

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Today Interview Postponed Paris

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Justin Bieber was scheduled to be interviewed on Monday’s “Today,” but Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the segment was postponed due to coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Last week, NBC announced Bieber would make multiple appearances on “Today” to support his new album, Purpose, which was released on Friday. That was expected to include an interview on Monday, another segment on Tuesday, and a big concert on Wednesday. But on Monday morning, the show aired without the highly-anticipated Bieber chat.

A number of fans took to Twitter wondering what happened, with some even saying beforehand that they were missing school to watch his interview. What Beliebers didn’t know, however, was that the sit-down was canceled for Monday, and postponed to another day this week. The decision was made in light of NBC’s continued coverage of the situation in Paris.

With Savannah Guthrie in France doing hard news coverage, it was mutually agreed upon that the Bieber interview would not take place as scheduled. Gossip Cop is exclusively told that everyone from Bieber to the “Today” staff felt it would “be in poor taste” to air a revealing interview with the superstar, given everything going on in Paris.

A source tells Gossip Cop the interview is now likely to take place later this week. The concert will still be held on Wednesday as originally planned. Bieber hasn’t commented on the change in plans, but as Gossip Cop previously reported, he has posted about the Paris tragedy on social media and led the Staples Center in prayer during a concert on Friday. Gossip Cop will have full coverage of Bieber on “Today” later this week.


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