Justin Bieber The Chainsmokers Video: Singer Gives Surprise Concert Performance

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Justin Bieber The Chainsmokers Concert Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber The Chainsmokers Concert Video


Justin Bieber was a surprise guest at The Chainsmokers’ concert in Los Angeles on Friday. Check out the video below!

Earlier in the day, the band teased on Instagram that its sold-out show at the Shrine Auditorium would be its “biggest” yet. It became even bigger when Bieber showed up. The superstar unexpectedly jumped on stage and performed multiple songs.

Bieber sang “Sorry” and “Where Are U Now,” and the audience seemed to know every word. At one point the singer asked for the music to be turned off, and told the crowd, “I’d just like to say, it’s such an honor to be here performing with The Chainsmokers.” He went on to call them some of the most “talented” in the business.

After the show, Bieber posted a picture on Instagram showing him looking out on the crowd (see above). The star has been friends with The Chainsmokers for a few months now, and it’s through them that he began working with videographer Rory Kramer. Neither act, however, has tweeted about Friday’s collaboration.

Interestingly, Bieber’s surprise performance comes less than a week after he canceled two appearances. As Gossip Cop reported, he pulled out of “The Late Show” and CBS’ Thanksgiving Day Parade, which he was supposed to tape on Tuesday. After a whirlwind promo tour for Purpose, it was said Bieber needed some time to work on himself. Of course, for many, music is therapy. Watch highlights from Bieber’s performance with The Chainsmokers below! Note: Video no longer available.


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