Justin Bieber’s Drama With Taylor Swift Causing Problems In Marriage To Hailey Baldwin?

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Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Hailey Baldwin

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Hailey Baldwin

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage isn’t in trouble over the recent drama involving him and Taylor Swift, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. We’re told there’s no truth to it.

Earlier this month, Swift called out Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun on Instagram after he purchased her entire music catalogue. Swift accused the manager of years of “incessant manipulative bullying” and using his clients, including Bieber, to bully her online. “Now Scooter has stripped me of my life’s work, that I wasn’t given an opportunity to buy,” she wrote.

Shortly after Swift took to Instagram, Bieber defended himself and his manager with a post of his own. The singer apologized for mocking her online in 2016, but also staunchly stood up for Braun, saying the manager “has had your back since the days you graciously let me open up for you.” He added, “What were you trying to accomplish by posting that blog? seems to me like it was to get sympathy u also knew that in posting that your fans would go and bully scooter.”

According to NW, the situation has caused tension between Bieber and his wife of 10 months. “Anyone can see that Justin’s life is in turmoil at the moment,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “Hailey has been the one trying to keep their marriage alive. But she’s at her absolute wits end with Justin. There’s only so long she’ll put up with his childish antics.”

The alleged insider further contends that Baldwin had begged her husband not to weigh in on the battle between Swift and Braun because “she knows people on both sides” and “would much rather Justin concentrated on their marriage than get involved in another firestorm.” The questionable tipster adds, “But when she told him this, he had one of his tantrums and flew off the rails insisting their marriage was over if she wasn’t 100 percent supportive of him.”

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Bieber, who tells us the tabloid’s report is completely false. Our trusted insider notes that Baldwin herself liked a post by Braun’s wife, Yael, who defended her husband on Instagram. Meanwhile, Bieber and Baldwin celebrated the Fourth of July with his manager just days after the drama involving Swift unfolded.

On Monday, Baldwin defended Bieber on Twitter after Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan slammed him. The “Sorry” singer had shared the lyrics of Tool’s “The Pot” on his Instagram Stories, and when an article later emerged about Bieber being a fan of the band’s music, Keenan tweeted, “#bummer.” Baldwin took to Twitter to call out the rocker for being “childish and hurtful.” Simply put, the model doesn’t mind engaging in some drama of her own if it means defending a loved one. It’s highly unlikely she’d be upset with Bieber for doing the same.

NW is the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted in March for falsely claiming Baldwin was forcing Bieber to go to rehab. That didn’t happen. Last August, the unreliable publication insisted Bieber and Baldwin were breaking up. They got married the following month. It’s clear the magazine has zero insight into the couple’s relationship, including this latest situation involving Swift.


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