Justin Bieber Calls Taylor Swift “Great,” Says He Wants To “Make Things Right”

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Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Tweet

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Justin Bieber unexpectedly paid Taylor Swift a compliment on Thursday, and said he wants “make things right” and perform with her again.

Bieber made the remark on Twitter, after Billboard sent a tweet about the latest Billboard Artist 100 standings. “While Taylor Swift is No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100, @JustinBieber hits a new peak on the chart,” the message read. While Bieber could’ve just retweeted it, or commented on what the magazine referred to as his “rebound,” he instead replied with a comment about Swift.

“She is great,” Bieber wrote. “Might be time to make things right and hit the stage together again ;).”

Bieber and Swift last performed together back in 2011. Swift was in the middle of a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when she surprised the crowd by announcing Bieber as a special guest. He walked on stage to piercing screams, and they went on to sing “Baby” together. He also performed with Swift in 2009.

But since then, Bieber and Swift have been wildly rumored not to get along much. While there’s been no single incident known to the public, it’s been said that Bieber lost favor with the songstress due to his up and down relationship with Selena Gomez. In fact, as Gossip Cop reported, in 2013 Swift was caught sticking out her tongue backstage at the Billboard Music Awards when she saw Bieber and Gomez embracing.

Of course, outlets like HollywoodLife have spent the last few years making up stories about Gomez and Swift supposedly feuding Bieber, even though none of the stars have ever said there was such an issue. That said, Bieber clearly wants to fix something. Check out one of Swift and Bieber’s old performances below. What do you think of his tweet?


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