Justin Bieber NOT Writing “Diss Song” About Taylor Swift, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Revenge Song

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Revenge Song


Justin Bieber is NOT writing a “diss song” about Taylor Swift, despite a seemingly made-up report from the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife. Whenever the webloid believes it’s not getting enough out of its false stories about Bieber and Selena Gomez, it likes to drag Swift into its twisted take on “journalism.” And that’s how we got Thursday’s so-called “excusive,” which blares, “Justin Bieber Writing A Song Dissing Taylor Swift? Watch Out T-Swift.”

The site writes that Bieber “has plans to diss his haters” in his new music, and quotes a supposed “source” as saying, “He has worked on songs hitting back at all his critics There was even buzz that he was writing a diss song vaguely about Taylor Swift.” Oh, so there “was buzz” that “vaguely” related to Swift? This “source” doesn’t even know for sure that Bieber is working on some sort of revenge music against Swift? You mean HollywoodLife just wanted to run a sensational story about Bieber and Swift to score traffic? We’re shocked!

The blog goes on to regurgitate its past stories about Bieber and Swift’s alleged Gomez-inspired feuding, and of course points out how Swift herself has written songs about famous people. “Sounds like Justin is taking a play from her book with his new music,” writes the site. “Excuse us while we envision Justin singing a form of ‘haters gonna hate, hate, hate’ with his smooth voice.” The webloid, which is really just a fan fiction site that masquerades as a “news” outlet, adds, “Oh boy. This should be interesting.”

You know what would actually be interesting? HollywoodLife scoring an “exclusive” that was actually right. Because the site just struck out once again. A real-life source, who is close to Bieber, tells Gossip Cop that there’s “no truth” to speculation that he’s writing a song about Swift.


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