Justin Bieber “Super Proud” Of Selena Gomez’s Return To “Performing Live” Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Bieber Super Proud Selena Gomez AMAs

By Holly Nicol |

Justin Bieber Super Proud Selena Gomez AMAs

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A new report claiming Justin Bieber is “super proud” of Selena Gomez’s “courageous return” to “performing live” is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this bogus report, which was posted by HollywoodLife. In fact, we predicted the website would manufacture this story just two days ago.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop nailed the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies for concocting a phony article about how Gomez wanted to keep her “romance with Justin Bieber private” before this year’s American Music Awards. At the end of our piece, we rightly anticipated that the blog would use Gomez’s performance as the basis for a slew of of fabricated stories, including what Bieber presumably thought of it. Not surprisingly, we were spot-on.

According to the website, which Bieber himself wanted shut down for being “untruthful,” the singer is “super proud” of Gomez’s live performance of “Wolves” at the 2017 American Music Awards. A so-called “source” allegedly close to Bieber is then quoted as saying, “He is so happy for his girlfriend because he knows what a challenging road Selena has been through and how difficult it has been for her. Justin is well aware of all of Selena’s health issues, so he feels that her AMA performance was extra special and meaningful for her.” The outlet’s seemingly fake “insider” further notes in unnatural language, “He is pleased that after all of her health problems, Selena is finally moving forward and getting back to performing for her fans.”

As even the most casual Gossip Cop reader knows, HollywoodLife has a history of posting falsehoods and made-up stories about Bieber and Gomez. While it’s perfectly plausible to assume Bieber is “proud” of Gomez’s post-kidney transplant performance at the AMAs, after having recently reunited with the singer-actress, no one from his inner circle is talking to that site he’s previously called “garbage.” And remember, just a few says ago that same blog swore up and down that its sources maintained Bieber and Gomez were going to make their red carpet debut at the AMAs. That was obviously 100 percent wrong, and so is the current fabricated tale about Bieber’s inner thoughts.

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