Justin Bieber Sued By Limo Driver Who Claims Singer Struck Him In Head

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Justin Bieber

By Daniel Gates |

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber has been sued by Abdul Mohar, the limo driver who claims the singer hit him in the head six times during an altercation back in December 2013 in Toronto. Mohar is seeking $850,000 in damages and court-ordered protection from Bieber coming within 300 feet of him, according to court documents filed on Friday.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Bieber was initially charged with assault following the incident, but the criminal charges were dropped when prosecutors determined there was not sufficient evidence for conviction. There were major issues with establishing that Bieber was the one to have violent contact with Mohar.

According to Mohar, he picked up a group of six men outside Time Nightclub in Toronto on December 30, 2013. While taking the men to a nearby hotel, Mohar claims one of them punched him six times in the head for refusing to turn up the music, first as the man tried to change the music himself, and then repeatedly as Mohar pulled over to the side of the road in fear.

Part of the problem with the case is that Mohar initially identified his passengers as “black” while on the phone with 911, and then later told responding police officers that his assailant “looked like a Justin Bieber kind of guy.”

Bieber’s camp calls the lawsuit “totally without merit.” In a statement to the Toronto Star, the singer’s lawyer said, “During the course of the incident, while speaking with the 911 operator, the limousine driver had, in fact, identified his alleged assailant, who was still present, as black. After a careful assessment of the evidence, the Crown attorney withdrew the charge.”

Mohar, meanwhile, alleges that he had to go to the hospital after the incident and is upset the criminal justice system did not pursue his case, leading him to want to file a lawsuit. His attorney claims the case “is about power, money and abuse by Bieber.” Gossip Cop will have updates.


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