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A new story that claims Justin Bieber is "respecting Selena Gomez's wishes by giving her space over the holidays" is not only made-up, but it's also a feeble attempt by a particular site to cover up its previously fabricated reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this latest article from HollywoodLife, an outlet so well-known for manufacturing tales about Bieber and Gomez that it's often referred to as HollywoodLies.

The premise behind the site's newly concocted report is that Bieber impressed Gomez by "giving her space to spend Thanksgiving with her family." Shamelessly, HollywoodLies is trying to pretend it didn't write a number of made-up stories that maintained Bieber was going to spend Thanksgiving with Gomez. Shortly before the holiday, the blog even made up details about how Gomez was going to "cook some family recipes for him," including her mom's "Texas Pecan Pie." But as Gossip Cop noted at the time, and as usual time proved us right, those articles were nothing more than a collection of lies. As an aside, Gomez's mother Mandy Teefey told Gossip Cop she's never made Texas Pecan Pie.

So, what does an often discredited site like HollywoodLife do after it's caught writing fan-fiction? Apparently, it creates even more phony stories to try to cover up its previous tall tales. That's why the blog has now published its current falsehood, claiming to explain Bieber's absence in Texas over Thanksgiving as him respecting Gomez's "wishes by giving her space over the holidays." To lend credence to its new article, HollywoodLies contends it has received its information from "a source close to the 'Despacito' singer."

That's very hard to believe. As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Bieber has publicly voiced his dislike for HollywoodLies. He even sought to have the site shut down. In 2015, Bieber called the webloid "garbage" and "untruthful" on Instagram. And now, after the outlet has post even more untruthful articles about the singer and Gomez, it wants its readers to believe a "source close" to Bieber is feeding the blog inside information about him?

Gossip Cop is not fooled by the site and neither should its readers. When it quotes unnamed sources that are supposedly "close" to Bieber, it should be viewed, at minimum, with a healthy degree of skepticism. In this instance, the webloid's so-called "source" says, "[Bieber] respected her wishes around Thanksgiving not to spend it with her family... and he is giving her the space she requested." That's a far cry from the outlet's previous contention that Bieber wanted to "impress Selena's family and show up [on Thanksgiving] with something yummy."

The truth is, as Gossip Cop exclusively learned from Teefey before Thanksgiving, is that Gomez's relatives are not keen on Bieber, and there was no talk of him spending the holiday with them in Texas. Any speculation about Bieber joining Gomez's family for Thanksgiving was manufactured by HollywoodLies. Similarly, the outlet made up yet another fake news story this week that contends Bieber and Gomez will spend Christmas together. Again, Gossip Cop was assured by Teefey that it's not going to happen because her relatives don't want to "take a chance of ruining Christmas" with Bieber around.

It's possible that HollywoodLies saw that we shot down their article about the supposed Christmas get-together and decided it was time to change its narrative, which is why it has now posted a new report about Bieber giving Gomez "space." Regardless of why the site has done an about-face, the latest story is also a complete fabrication. Once again, Gossip Cop is told the site's claims are simply "untrue."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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