Justin Bieber Caught Smoking During Selena Gomez Pilates Class?

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Justin Bieber Smoking Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber Smoking Selena Gomez

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Was Justin Bieber caught smoking during a pilates class with Selena Gomez? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming, but the evidence provided is highly suspect. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

The report can be found in the pages of Star, which is featuring the headline, “Bieber Fumes During Selena’s Hot Workout.” The piece begins by asserting there are “two things” the superstar “can’t seem to permanently quit: his smoking hot ex Selena Gomez and smoking cigarettes.” A so-called “spy” is quoted as claiming, “Justin went to Selena’s 55-minute exercise class at Hot Pilates in West Hollywood but couldn’t get through the rigorous workout a smoke break.”

This supposed source continues alleging, “Justin wouldn’t go outside to puff because he’s scared of being snapped by snoopy photogs. So he hung his head out of a side window to smoke. Not exactly what you’re used to seeing at a fitness studio.” The gossip magazine even goes as far as calling Bieber an “airhead.”

Accompanying the article is a photo of the performer lighting up and readers would reasonably assume that it’s photo proof backing up the claims. But the picture of Bieber smoking is actually from his birthday trip in 2016. In addition, Gossip Cop spoke with the manager of Hot Pilates, who exclusively told us the facility doesn’t even “have a window” from which a person could hang their head out. The manager also pointed out that anyone who was ever there would know that, which calls into question the alleged existence of this purported “spy.”

It seems simply because Bieber and Gomez were photographed leaving a pilates class earlier this month, the outlet manufactured this made-up narrative. And this isn’t the first time the publication has concocted a tall tale related to him working out. Last year, for example, the tabloid peddled fake news about Bieber being banned from an Equinox gym.

Furthermore, this isn’t even the first time the gossip media has tried to spin a crazy storyline tied to Bieber and Gomez having a joint fitness session. In 2015, we busted the National Enquirer, Star‘s sister publication, when it claimed Bieber was seen licking the sweat off Gomez at a SoulCycle class. A purported “witness” was quoted as saying, “He licked her neck and shoulders, slowly lapping up every wet bead on her skin. It was a little gross, but erotic too, and Selena was into it big time.”

Just like now, the photo art used to support the specious allegations was disingenuous. As opposed to being an actual snapshot from the alleged incident, it was a digitally-edited photo made to appear like Bieber had a long tongue and was licking Gomez. These magazines seem to have vivid imaginations, but they’d be better off just focusing on the truth.

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