Justin Bieber Smokes Pot Onstage In New Zealand (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber pot onstage new zealand

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber pot onstage new zealand

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Justin Bieber is caught in another pot scandal after video emerged of the singer smoking weed onstage while performing in New Zealand on Thursday. In the footage, shot at Rae Sremmurd’s concert at The Studio in Auckland, The Biebs can clearly be seen lighting a joint and smoking it. See the video below.

A shirtless Bieber was also filmed taking a number of swigs from a bottle of Hennessy while onstage with the hip hop duo. And while he acknowledged he was hammered, having hastagged video on Instagram from that same night “#drunkjustin,” Bieber has not made any mention on social media of openly smoking pot onstage.

Of course, as Gossip Cop noted, this isn’t Bieber’s first pot scandal. In January 2013, photos were leaked of him smoking weed in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California. Just a few weeks later, he was again snapped with pot outside a home in Los Angeles. Not long after in April 2013, Bieber’s tour bus was busted in Stockholm, Sweden, where more marijuana was found.

When the singer was arrested in Miami in 2014 for a DUI, he told police he smoked some pot earlier. A little more than a week after that, Bieber’s plane was stopped in a New York airport because it reeked of marijuana. And days after that, his jet was “so thick” with pot smoke as it flew out of New Jersey, according to a police report, the plane’s pilots wore oxygen masks so they wouldn’t get high. NOTE: The video of Bieber allegedly smoking pot onstage at Rae Sremmurd’s concert in New Zealand is no longer available.


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