Justin Bieber: “I’m Single And Ready To Mingle” — Watch “Ellen Show” Video

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Justin Bieber Single Ellen DeGeneres Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Single Ellen DeGeneres Video

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Justin Bieber says he’s “single and ready to mingle,” though not necessarily game for a relationship right now. Watch below.

On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the host point-blank asked Bieber, “Who are you dating right now? Are you dating anyone?” The superstar unsuccessfully, but amusingly, tried to dodge the question before ultimately announcing, “I’m single, ladies. And ready to mingle.” Naturally, the audience screamed in response.

Bieber added more seriously, “I’m in a place now — I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship right now.” DeGeneres hilariously interrupted to point out that the women in her studio don’t want a relationship, but probably something else. “They just want to mingle,” she quipped.

The stars went on to discuss “What Do You Mean?” and Bieber again tried to avoid DeGeneres’ pointed questions when she wanted to know if the track was about one specific woman whose name rhymes with “Melena.” Bieber was more forthcoming about a completely different topic, revealing a “friend” took his infamous butt-naked photo, and explaining how he was moved to take it down from Instagram after a pal’s daughter saw the shot and became uncomfortable.

Also during the episode, a young girl named Austyn got the surprise of a lifetime when she was invited on stage and had no idea her crush was there. Bieber came out carrying a bouquet of flowers, and tears ensued. There was also some whipping and nae nae-ing involved. Check out the videos below! NOTE: One of the videos is no longer available.


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