Justin Bieber “Caught Singing While Peeing” Story Is Fake News

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Justin Bieber Singing Peeing

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Singing Peeing

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Justin Bieber may like to sing wherever he goes, but a story claiming he was “caught singing while peeing” is fake news. Gossip Cop can break down this bizarre tale.

RadarOnline is announcing on Friday, “Justin Bieber Leaks Tunes In Men’s Room: Star Caught Singing — While Peeing!” According to the article, the superstar “surprised a gentlemen [sic] in a men’s room in New York City recently, when he walked in alone — rapping out loud!” “What’s more,” claims the site, is “that the singer even gets louder as he pees!”

“He was singing and rapping as he peed and he didn’t care who was listening. Justin just wanted to pee and he wanted to sing — and that’s exactly what he did,” a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the webloid. The outlet even deems the alleged incident a “bathroom concert.”

But this is rather strange. It’s not all that weird that Bieber might sound off at a urinal. Plenty of people are hummers, for instance. What’s suspicious is the vagueness of this story. It’s not said where or when, exactly, this “bathroom concert” supposedly took place.

The most specific this short piece gets is claiming the “singing while peeing” happened “in New York City recently.” But while he was in Manhattan briefly a few weeks ago, Bieber has spent most of the month abroad on tour. Typically, when an outlet declines to give specific information about where and when something happened, it’s because it didn’t actually occur, and the purported details are really just made up.

RadarOnline and it sister publications are also known for running some pretty crazy tales about the singer. In March we called out the site for falsely claiming Bieber was living with Kourtney Kardashian, and in April we busted an article that wrongly alleged Bieber was getting mentored by Barbara Streisand. And the same author of this latest report also writes for the National Enquirer, which has been responsible for such doozies as Bieber’s supposed plans to bottle his sweat and his alleged Christmas party with strippers.

The evidence in all these pieces was manufactured, and this new “bathroom concert” article doesn’t really have any evidence at all. Gossip Cop is told that while Bieber has made no secret of his love of singing in public, he was not “caught singing while peeing” in New York City recently.

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