Justin Bieber Fails At Shotgunning Beer, Blames Lack Of College Experience (Video)

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Justin Bieber Shotgunning Beer Video

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Shotgunning Beer Video


Justin Bieber is good at a lot of things, but beer athletics is not one of them. Watch below!

Apparently, one drawback of fame at an early age is that Bieber never went through typical rites of passages, like learning how to shotgun a beer like a boss. Despite knowing his disadvantage, Bieber went head-to-head in Las Vegas this weekend with his pal Sam Shahidi, the co-founder of the photo-sharing service Shots. And Shahidi’s “shot” put poor Bieber to shame.

In the clip, which the superstar posted to Instagram, Shahidi easily downs his beer in a few seconds’ time, long before Bieber finishes or, perhaps, gives up. He even looks a little grossed out afterward, though he does throw his hands in the air like a champion, even though he wasn’t the battle’s winner. But Bieber had an explanation for his loss.

“I lost but I didn’t go to college,” he captioned the Instagram video. And, in his defense, he’s right. Bieber didn’t experience keg stands or beer bongs. At least not at a college setting where such things are as common as walks of shame and the freshmen 15.

Of course, Bieber just turned 21 earlier this year, so any prior beer experience he might’ve had he kept off social media and on the down-low. Interestingly, as Gossip Cop reported, Bieber admitted in his “Kyle & Jackie O” interview last week that he was being especially open because he had had a “few” beers. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: Bieber’s Instagram has since been deactivated, and the video is no longer available.


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