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There have been several stories about Justin Bieber sparking concern after a video emerged of him "shaking," but they're based on false speculation. There's nothing to worry about the singer's health. Bieber was playing around in the (not so new) footage and was most assuredly not on "meth," as alleged by some on social media and irresponsibly repeated by a few outlets.

In a piece published by Metro, the outlet wrote that in video which has "gone viral, the 24-year-old can be seen having a laugh with fans as he greets them in New York." It further noted that while talking to fans, Bieber "scrunches up his eyes and begins to twitch for a moment before hugging one of his fans." The online publication added that after the video was uploaded, his fans took to Twitter "to ask if he is okay."

Gossip Cop will get to how the story's premise is untrue further down, but Metro couldn't even get right where the footage was taken. It was in Michigan, not New York. And it didn't just "emerge." It's been around since September 8, but some people and outlets have now suddenly decided to create a controversy where none exists.

Perez Hilton also regurgitated the inaccurate speculation in a piece he titled, "Justin Bieber Fans Think The Singer Is 'Tweaking On Meth Again' In New Video." The blogger wrote, "The short clip shows Hailey Baldwin's fiance meeting fans in New York, and he appears to be shaking as he continuously rubs one Beliebers' back!" He then includes tweets from fans alleging the singer is "tweaking on meth," but there's no proof of that whatsoever. And media outlets shouldn't give voice to people on Twitter making allegations without any evidence.

Meanwhile, the Mirror also did the story and maintained, "Justin has a dazed look on his face as the group of girls goes up to him." The paper's digital edition went on recount how Bieber seemed "to go into spasm for a second, with his whole torso shaking as he screws his face up." The outlet also made a big deal about Bieber "frenetically rubbing" a fan's back "while still grinning manically."

But here are the facts. The video is actually two weeks old, and it wasn't taken in New York. It was shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Bieber and his future father-in-law Stephen Baldwin attended a Christian music event called CityFest. The footage was uploaded on Twitter by a fan named Rachel, who goes by the Twitter handle MET JUSTIN 9/8/18&9/9/18.

Importantly, Rachel also posted a video of Bieber greeting a little girl, whose back he also rubbed, as he tends to do when meeting fans. After playing along with the youngster, Bieber hugged and posed with Rachel. Gossip Cop has learned that some of the jerky movements he was making that wrongly caused "concern" were simply Bieber playfully interacting with a little girl he found adorable. Then, when he met Rachel after the little girl, he self-deprecatingly mocked his own habit of rubbing the backs of his supporters.

Following reports that wrongly speculated Bieber was "tweaking on meth," Rachel, who was the subject of the video, tweeted, "it's always the people who know NOTHING about Justin who talk the most [expletive] like maybe fact check first?????? or just...don't say anything???" She noted in another message on Twitter, "y'all idiots...that's me with him...the little girl made a noise and he thought it was adorable. thats it. he was not on ANYTHING. i'm 100% positive." Rachel continued in a subsequent tweet, "Justin was literally with Josh Mehl, his friend/CHURCH LEADER, and Stephen Baldwin, his FIANCE'S DAD, and was attending a CHRISTIAN music festival...and y'all think he was 'tweaking'?????? YEAH LMAO OKKKKKK."

The reality is Bieber turned over a new leaf a few years ago. The video, which outlets wrongly presented as new and having been shot in New York, is actually a couple of weeks old and was filmed in Michigan. More significantly, far from "tweaking" on anything, Bieber was being nothing more than playful and interactive with fans. In fact, the subject of the video herself has said the singer was perfectly happy and healthy. Maybe it's time for certain media outlets to tweak the way they gather information before publishing misinterpretations and false speculation about celebrities like Bieber.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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