Justin Bieber NOT Sleeping With Employees, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Sex Staff

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Sex Staff

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Justin Bieber is NOT having sex with the staff members at his house, despite an outrageous new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. We’re told the claims are “completely false.”

According to Star, Bieber sometimes wants a woman to spend the night with him without having to leave his house. A so-called former “assistant” tells the tabloid that Bieber “has been known to get it on with a few of the staff who work for him around the house.” And the same supposed source claims this isn’t a recent trend, but has been a habit “over the years.”

The magazine’s questionable source further alleges Bieber was once “busted with a maid who was just a little older than Justin” and had “a hot body.” “He certainly seemed happy with himself” after the encounter, says the tabloid’s dubious source.

It seems like Star’s sources have been either reading a few too many romance novels or watching XXX-rated movies with cliche plotlines involving naughty housemaids. In any event, a source close to Bieber exclusively tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s tawdry tale is “completely false.” Of course, Bieber hardly needs “the help.” As Gossip Cop reported, he and model Hailey Baldwin seemed to have rang in the New Year rather romantically.


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