Is Justin Bieber A Sex Addict?

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Justin Bieber Sex Addiction

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Sex Addiction

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Justin Bieber is NOT a “sex addict,” despite a new report that goes as far as comparing him to Charlie Sheen. Gossip Cop can bust the outrageous claim, which can be found in this week’s tabloids.

According to the National Enquirer, Bieber has a “secret sex addiction.” The supermarket tabloid says he had a “very good” 2015 “when it comes to conquering women,” and claims he’s now “turned into a total sex addict overnight!” A so-called “insider” alleges, “Justin knows he’s got a problem, but he can’t help himself.”

“Justin is strutting around like he’s this Greek god, but in reality he’s more like a modern-day Charlie Sheen,” continues the outlet’s supposed source. “He’s slept with hundreds and hundreds of women. It’s a miracle he hasn’t contracted HIV at this point, though Justin swears he’s careful.”

Ah, but only if the National Enquirer was as careful with its reporting. The magazine has a long history of publishing outlandish stories about Bieber, including claims about him supposedly bottling his sweat and hanging upside down to get taller. In this case, the reality is that the superstar is a 21-year-old guy living life and having fun. And while he may not be a prude, Gossip Cop is told that the notion he’s a “sex addict” is “completely ridiculous.”


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