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A story alleging Justin Bieber's "time apart" from Selena Gomez is "driving him crazy" was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. Bieber is doing fine, and these contentions actually contradict a prior report. Allow us to explain.

According to HollywoodLife, while Gomez is "all smiles on her Australian vacation," Bieber is "struggling" and going through a "tough time." A so-called "source" alleges the singer-actress is "like a drug for him," and he "needs more and more and more." The site's supposed snitch maintains Bieber has "Selena on the brain constantly" and "keeps thinking about her," even as he spends time with pals to "drown it out."

This alleged tipster goes on to contend that Bieber is already planning to "really wine and dine her upon her return" to the United States in hopes of starting their romance "back up again." Notably, though, the blog admits it doesn't know when Gomez is poised to be in Los Angeles again. The website points out Gomez posted a video on Instagram from her time in Australia, along with a "subliminal message" about how "she 'chose' to take care of herself, 'not to prove anything to anyone.' Wonders the outlet, "Was she trying to give us insight into her most recent split with Bieber?"

First off, Gomez is not actually on a "vacation." She went to Sydney for Hillsong Church's Colour Conference, and the "subliminal message" she shared on Instagram was actually a quote from the event. And, as a number of publications astutely observed, Gomez posted this "beauty myth" statement after she was body-shamed on social media. It had nothing to do with her relationship with Bieber.

Second, HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, has spent months spreading false claims about what Gomez and Bieber are doing together. After wrongly purporting to know how they'd be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and his birthday, the site now wants readers to believe it has genuine insight on Bieber's future plans for them. Fat chance, considering this is the same blog he once slammed as "garbage."

Third, although the website acknowledges that Bieber has been "staying active," it makes hay of a routine fall during a soccer match and absurdly asserts he "seemingly broke down" during a hockey game when he was actually just catching his breath. He also recently attended a movie premiere and its after-party, and shortly before this tall tale was published, Bieber posted on Twitter that he's "grateful for great friends."

Fourth and last, HollywoodLies is the same publication that just last week insisted that Bieber and Gomez were "meeting in secret," but just keeping their romance private. If that was the case, why would he now be going "crazy" with all this "time apart"? The inconsistencies expose the lies.

Whether or not Bieber is really "struggling" with their decision to take a break from the relationship, it's abundantly apparent this latest "exclusive" did not actually come from a real "source," just like the other article didn't. Rather, the site is continuing its shameful practice of trying to capitalize on the couple with made-up stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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