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Is Justin Bieber giving Selena Gomez space or meeting up with her in secret? One webloid is giving fans contradictory information, all of which is bogus and made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Since Bieber and Gomez reunited late last year, HollywoodLife has been trying to capitalize on the relationship by pretending to have insight on their romance. Much of its claims, however, were either false or cribbed. Now that they're taking some time apart, the site is trying to exploit the couple's latest status. But the allegations are still phony. They're also inconsistent.

On Thursday, HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, published a story with the headline, "Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Meeting In Secret: Why They're Making Their Romance 'Low-Key.'" The blog alleged that, despite reports the stars are on a break, they're actually "still very much together," but "just keeping their relationship more private." It was specifically claimed Bieber and Gomez had already "secretly reunited while everyone thought they were still on break," and that "meeting up in secret" may become their new "reality."

A so-called "source" was quoted as saying, "Justin and Selena have gone back to their low-key, secretive ways of meeting up like when they first got back together." After Gomez returned to California following a trip to Texas, "Justin made plans to meet up with her at the safest place for both of them — church," claims the outlet's supposed snitch. But they never actually did "meet up."

Bieber and Gomez both attended church this past week, but they arrived and left separately and did not sit together, just like the week before. Furthermore, given that it is public knowledge they were each there, with photo documentation, it hardly makes sense to allege they're using church to meet in "secret." The claims were clearly untrue, and HollywoodLies had nothing else to substantiate its assertions that the on-and-off couple are actually secretly "on."

Now here's the flip-flop: On Saturday, the online publication offered a new article with the headline, "Justin Bieber Can't Stand Being Apart From Selena — But He's Giving Her The Space She Needs." According to this piece, Bieber and Gomez are on a break, but he's "dying to patch things up." The alleged "source" quoted in this post contends, "He can't stand being away from her. But, although it's killing him not being able to see her and speak to her every day, he's... giving her all the time she needs and wants."

Wait, what happened to them "meeting in secret"? Just two days before this report, HollywoodLies insisted Bieber and Gomez were "very much together" and covertly seeing each other. But now the website is emphasizing how they've been "apart" from each other and it's "killing" Bieber not to see her. Well, which is it? These narratives are in clear conflict with each other (see screengrabs below). But because HollywoodLies doesn't appear to care about accuracy and doesn't seem to have real "sources," it is throwing all sorts of possibilities out and hoping something sticks.

Bieber and Gomez really are taking a break, as they have at other points in their romance over the years. But no one legitimately close to him is talking to the site about his feelings during this period, just like no authentic "source" actually told the blog that they were secretly meeting up. HollywoodLies does not have inside knowledge, as these contradictory stories make clear. The outlet is just trying to dupe readers and game search engines with original, but made-up, content.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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