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A new report claiming Justin Bieber is "showering Selena Gomez with TLC" as she prepares for the AMAs is made-up. Gossip Cop can expose how this story was manufactured. Plus, we're told no one from either of their camps is feeding stories to websites about the recently rekindled couple.

Here's what's going on: Bieber and Gomez have clearly been hanging out again, and certain sites like HollywoodLife are seemingly desperate to capitalize on that. And, as widely reported, Gomez is performing at the 2017 American Music Awards on Sunday. It appears the site, which has earned the nickname HollywoodLies, has concocted yet another phony story, this time tied to the AMAs.

To try to lend credence to its questionable report, the outlet alleges it has information from "a source close" to Gomez. But if one pays attention to the seemingly made-up quotes, there's nothing particularly insightful that would lead one to believe it actually came from a Gomez confidante. For example, the purported "source" says Gomez has been "rehearsing like crazy" before the AMAs and is experiencing "nerves" before her performance. Wait, a singer is rehearsing before a live performance and is a tad nervous? Is HollywoodLies' source Captain Obvious?

Then to tie it to Bieber, the website's supposed tipster notes he's been "giving her so much support" and "hates seeing Selena stress out." Wait, a boyfriend offering "support" and not liking his girlfriend to "stress out"? This Captain Obvious must really be close to Gomez and Bieber!

In a feeble attempt to add some detail, HollywoodLies' almost assuredly fabricated "source" says Bieber "had her favorite deli in Beverly Hills deliver some soup." And what deli is that? Of course the site neglects to mention the name because that would invite some fact-checking.

All Gossip Cop does is fact-check, and that's how we know this is just another manufactured article. As we've noted before, an unprompted Gomez called HollywoodLife "the worst" in an interview with Billboard precisely because it makes up phony stories about her. She's also called out the site on social media for lying about her. Realistically, does anyone believe that a "source close" to her would offer personal stories to an outlet she so clearly despises?

Since the two have reunited, HollywoodLies has been churning out a mind-boggling number of bogus reports, including how Gomez is "happier" with Bieber than she was with The Weeknd. Of course, days before the two split, the same site touted how Gomez was in love with The Weeknd. And you may recall that after she and Bieber broke up several years ago, the blog published a slew of fake news about Gomez dating Niall Horan.

Gomez and the One Direction singer never, ever dated. Yet, much like the current spate of stories, HollywoodLies maintained its information was coming from "source" close to Gomez. It wasn't true then, and it's not true now. An insider in her camp has assured Gossip Cop on background that not only does the blog concoct articles, but it almost never checks with her reps. If you want facts, Gossip Cop publishes them ever day. If you want fan-fiction, HollywoodLife comes up with it several times a day.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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