Justin Bieber “Would Gladly Give A Kidney” To Selena Gomez Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez The Weeknd Song

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez The Weeknd Song

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A certain website is claiming to know Justin Bieber’s reaction to The Weeknd supposedly offering Selena Gomez his kidney before her transplant. Gossip Cop can bust the story. The phony “exclusive” is made-up.

The lyrics in The Weeknd’s new song “Call Out My Name” have led some outlets and fans to speculate he was ready to donate his kidney to Gomez if he was a match. The possibility has been a hot topic since the track was released a few days ago. Now HollywoodLife is attempting to capitalize on all the interest in the song by pretending to know how Bieber “would gladly give a kidney” to Gomez, too.

One of the indications that this is a made-up story appears in the second paragraph, when the site declares Bieber “isn’t too fond of ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ The Weeknd’s new track” (see screengrab below). As noted above, the song is actually titled “Call Out My Name.” Call Me By Your Name is a movie that won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay last month. If the blog can’t even get the title right, there’s little reason to believe the rest of the report.

Of course, there’s additional red flags on top of that. A so-called “source close to Justin” is quoted as saying Bieber “thinks The Weeknd’s new song is petty, weak and makes him look bitter.” The outlet’s alleged tipster goes on, “Justin will always be there for Selena and he would gladly hand over one of his kidneys to save her life.” Uh, isn’t it also “petty,” not to mention a bit late, to have a “source close” to you boast how you would give a kidney, too? This isn’t a competition. It’s a real person’s real health we’re talking about. The logic here is poor, to say the least.

And HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, has such issues with credibility that it’s actually implausible that a genuine “source close” to Bieber would make these comments. Remember, Bieber tried to shut down HollywoodLife in 2016. He slammed the online publication as “untruthful and hurtful,” and further branded it “garbage.” His beliefs weren’t just documented by media outlets at the time. They’re also well known to those in his inner circle, which is why Gossip Cop has repeatedly been assured on background that no one in his camp goes spilling to the website about his reactions to this or that.

What’s also notable, as it’s yet another sign this tale was fudged, is that these claims seem to contradict the narrative HollywoodLies put forth only four days ago. As Gossip Cop reported, on Friday the site alleged Bieber was “laughing hysterically” at The Weeknd’s song, speculating that he “found it entertaining” and “got a kick out” of the purported “diss track.” But now he thinks it’s “petty,” “weak” and “bitter?” However Bieber does feel about the lyrics, and about Gomez, it’s clear the blog doesn’t really know and is just making it up as it goes along.



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