Did Justin Bieber really try running into Selena Gomez while on a recent hike in Los Angeles? That's the premise behind a website's article that claims Bieber is "desperate" to cross paths with his ex-girlfriend.

RadarOnline notes Gomez went to "L.A.'s hotspot Runyon Canyon" on January 4, one day after Bieber trekked the three-mile mountainous trail the covers a mile and a half of terrain in Hollywood. The website asserts Bieber only went hiking in the parkland as part of his "attempts to reach Gomez," hoping they would see each other. The outlet then speculates Gomez decided to go to Runyon Canyon the next day because she was "taunting" her ex-boyfriend.

After a "source" is quoted as saying Bieber has unsuccessfully tried to "get in contact with Selena" through mutual friends and her family, it's insinuated he went to Runyon Canyon, wishing he'd have a "run-in" with Gomez on its trail. But the entire report is completely inaccurate and possibly a fabrication. Among the problems with the article is the blog itself acknowledges Runyon Canyon is a "hotspot," which more accurately explains why Bieber was there one day and Gomez was spotted in the park another day.

In fact, the Hollywood Reporter did a piece three years ago titled, "Why Hiking Runyon Canyon Is the Best Way to See the Stars." The first sentence of that article reads, "Channing Tatum, Justin Bieber, Amanda Seyfried and Natalie Portman are just a few of the Hollywood insiders you could spot when you lace up for L.A.'s most central... hiking trail." Not only is he among the most high-profile celebrities who enjoys Runyon Canyon, but Bieber has been going there for years, irrespective of his relationship with Gomez.

Back in January 2015, for instance, much was written about Bieber hiking with Kendall Jenner a day before having lunch with Hailey Baldwin. That same year, Bieber famously struck up a conversation with a stranger while hiking Runyon Canyon. And he's so well-known for showing off his abs there that it was even news once when Bieber hiked up Runyon Canyon with family and friends with his shirt on.

Suffice to say, Bieber has a long history of hiking the trail, and it has nothing to do with Gomez. RadarOnline also has a history of getting stories wrong about him. Last year, for example, Gossip Cop busted the website when it falsely maintained Bieber only proposed to Baldwin as "revenge" for Gomez dating Caleb Stevens. Of course, he popped the question and married his wife for other (real) reasons, and Gomez never even dated Stevens. Regardless, a source close to Bieber also tells Gossip Cop the blog's latest story is "nonsense."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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