Justin Bieber “Turned On” By Selena Gomez Harper’s Bazaar Pics Is Made-Up Story

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Justin Bieber Turned On Selena Gomez Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Turned On Selena Gomez Photos

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A story about Justin Bieber being “turned on” by Selena Gomez’s Harper’s Bazaar pics is made-up. While there’s no question she looks great in the new photo shoot, no one is discussing Bieber being “turned on” with any outlet. Gossip Cop can bust this manufactured report.

On Wednesday, Harper’s Bazaar revealed Gomez is the cover star for its March issue. While the outdoor-set shoot featuring motorbikes is visually striking, the interview made headlines mostly for the singer-actress’ candid remarks about battling depression. HollywoodLife, however, is focusing on the pictures with a piece headlined, “Justin Bieber ‘Really Turned On’ By Selena Gomez’s ‘Edgy’ Harper’s Bazaar Pics: She’s ‘Perfection.'”

The website is claiming to have “exclusively” learned “how Justin feels about her sexy new photo shoot.” A so-called “source close to Justin” is quoted as saying, “He’s seen her new Harper’s Bazaar pictures and he’s a big fan. He loves her edgy blonde look, it’s a big turn on for him.” It’s a little strange to highlight “her edgy blonde look,” of all things, considering Gomez went back to being a brunette in December. It’s even more bizarre, though, for a “source”‘ to be talking about Bieber being “turned on” by something. No one actually “close” to celebrities talks about them in that way.

In another line that suggests this article was concocted, the alleged snitch asserts, “But most of all it’s Selena’s face that always gets him, for him it’s perfection that’s what he loves most in all her photoshoots.” There’s punctuation missing, but beyond that, isn’t it rather obvious to contend Bieber “loves” Gomez’s face? He’s dated her on and off for years. It’s not exactly a stretch, or a scoop, to conclude he’s attracted to her appearance. And he probably loves her face more in person than in just photoshoots.

Anyway, HollywoodLies, as it’s known for its tendency to fudge stories, goes on to gush, “We love that Justin is obsessed with Selena’s new pics.” Readers are even asked, “What do you think of Justin Bieber’s comments on Selena Gomez’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot?” Well, Bieber didn’t actually make any comments on Gomez’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot. None of these quotes are actually from him. Heck, they’re not even from anyone legitimately connected to him.

It seems that, as it has done countless times before, the outlet merely took a topic in the news (Gomez’s cover story) and crafted a related story (Bieber’s reaction). As Gossip Cop has illustrated in dozens of busts, this is the online publication’s modus operandi. Of course, when you remember that he has branded the website as “garbage” and that Bieber even petitioned to shut it down, it’s not hard to realize HollywoodLies is only pretending to have access to his world and private thoughts.

That history, along with the problematic quotes, make it pretty apparent this tale was made-up. But for the record, Gossip Cop is told on background that while Bieber undoubtedly believes Gomez looks gorgeous, no one in his inner circle actually spoke with HollywoodLies about him being “turned on” by the photos.

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