Justin Bieber “Letting” Selena Gomez “Decide Their Romantic Fate” Is Fake News

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Romance Decision

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Romance Decision

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A new report claims Justin Bieber is “letting” Selena Gomez “decide their romantic fate.” This is a fake news story from a site that has no real insight into the on-and-off couple. And Gossip Cop can prove it.

As widely reported, Bieber and Gomez have been on a break from their relationship for roughly a month. Now HollywoodLife is purporting to have “exclusive details on why their fate lies in Selena’s hands.” A so-called “source close to Justin” is quoted as saying, “Justin is leaving everything up to Selena when it comes to their next move.”

The website’s supposed snitch goes on to contend Bieber has “laid his cards out on the table and made it clear what he wants… so now it’s up to Selena to decide.” The alleged tipster further asserts Bieber is “being super cool about the situation” and “giving Selena all the time and space she needs.” How is it obvious these claims are fake?

Well, consider what HollywoodLies, as the blog is known, previously alleged. On March 15, the outlet insisted Bieber and Gomez were “meeting in secret” and “still very much together.” According to that narrative, the “break” was really just a cover-up for keeping their romance “low-key.” Then on March 20, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, the online publication completely contradicted those assertions by claiming Bieber’s “time apart” from Gomez was “driving him crazy.” That also goes against the current contention that Bieber is “super cool about the situation.”

Then there’s another flip-flop. In the same made-up story from March 20, the site’s “source” maintained Bieber planned to “really wine and dine” Gomez when she returned to the States from Australia, in hopes that they would “kick start the relationship back up again.” Yet here, the “source” touts that he’s giving her “all the time and space she needs.” The blog keeps going back and forth because it doesn’t actually have inside knowledge.

Bieber, after all, has told fans that HollywoodLife is “untruthful.” Without genuine access to his world, the website has continued to spread phony information about him just to exploit the ongoing interest in his relationship with Gomez. But as opposed to delivering actual real news, the inconsistencies prove HollywoodLies’ tales are all fake.


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