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A new story claiming Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are "committed" to giving their rekindled relationship one "last chance" is made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this fabrication, which comes from a site that's known to concoct phony reports. We're told no actual insiders are sharing this type of information with HollywoodLife about Bieber and Gomez, who have publicly called the outlet "untruthful" and "the worst," respectively.

In its latest melding of fact and fiction, HollywoodLies, as it's often called, notes that the two young stars are hoping their "relationship lasts." Of course that begs the question: Who hopes when they're dating someone that their romance fails? The site, which has clearly seen the photos of them together like everyone else has, then pretends to have exclusive information about how Gomez and Bieber are taking "one last shot at love together." Arguably, of course, that could have also been said about one of the previous times they split and got back together.

To back up its newly manufactured article, the often discredited outlet maintains "a source close to Selena" tells the site, "Justin and Selena are determined to make their relationship work this time around," and "they've agreed this is their last chance." What makes this time different? The site's seemingly phony source says, "They've vowed that they are going to make sure they don't neglect their relationship in favor of their careers," and "Justin and Selena have matured emotionally from when they were last together, and have a much clearer idea of what's important to them in life." The repeatedly disproven HollywoodLies ends its fabricated story by asking its readers, "Tell us your thoughts and theories." Theories?

Journalists report on facts, not "theories." And reporters don't look to their readers for information. Reporters also rely on real sources. It's almost insulting that HollywoodLies claims to have gathered its scoop from a "source close to Selena." Not only has Gossip Cop been reassured by actual insiders that no one in her camp is talking to that site, but in the past she herself has publicly called out the outlet by name. She once wrote on Instagram that the blog is "never true," and in an interview with Billboard in 2015, Gomez called HollywoodLife "the worst." For his part, Bieber tried to shut down the site after publicly expressing on Instagram that the online publication is "garbage" and its stories are "untruthful."

Basically, ever since they began hanging out again, HollywoodLies has been making up stories about Bieber and Gomez. And while it's true they're together again and trying to make their relationship last, like pretty much every other couple, we're told there hasn't been a negative-sounding proclamation about this being their "last chance." If anything, Gossip Cop hears they're not putting parameters on their romance, just being positive and seeing where it goes.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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