Justin Bieber’s 24th Birthday Without Selena Gomez Proves HollywoodLife Lies

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Justin Bieber 24th Birthday

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber 24th Birthday

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Justin Bieber celebrated his birthday on Thursday, but he wasn’t joined by Selena Gomez. Her absence proved what Gossip Cop has said all along: HollywoodLife lies. Allow us to explain.

Earlier this week, the website peddled an “exclusive” in which it alleged Gomez was planning a “romantic surprise” for Bieber’s birthday. It was specifically claimed a surprise party was in the works. As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, it was telling that there were no details on when or where this bash would supposedly take place. It also made no sense that someone would leak Gomez’s alleged plans in advance if they were meant to be a “surprise.” Further proving it was unsure what would really happen, the blog opined, “It’ll be interesting to see what Selena has planned.”

That was followed by another purported “exclusive,” where the site asserted all Bieber wanted “on his birthday” was to have “alone time” with Gomez. As Gossip Cop noted, though, the outlet was just manufacturing different angles around the superstar’s special day, hoping one of its guesses would pan out. It tried the sane non-journalistic tactic for Thanksgiving, for Christmas and for New Year’s, and struck out all three times.

Well, now the website is 0-for-4, and has shown why its nickname is HollywoodLies. Though Gomez posted a tribute to Bieber on Instagram in honor of his birthday, they did not celebrate together. As documented in photos of Bieber, he actually spent time with his mom, Scooter Braun and various pals for excursions that included Go-Kart racing. Bieber also had a birthday dinner at Mastro’s. Gomez was not present for any of this.

What happened to the surprise party? What happened to having time alone? None of the blog’s claims came to fruition because, as Gossip Cop has rightly said again and again, HollywoodLies does not have legitimate sources when it comes to Bieber and Gomez. Rather, the site likes to guess, but time usually shows how clueless and off-base its contentions are, which is what happened here. In fact, the outlet now has an article headlined, “Justin Bieber: Inside His Low-Key 24th Birthday Celebrations — But Where Was Selena Gomez?”

Here are some other questions: What happened to the blog’s alleged “source close to Selena”? Why doesn’t the outlet know where she was? And does anyone really believe that site actually has any inside information about either of the two stars?

Curiously, the story makes no mention of its prior contentions about Gomez throwing Bieber a party and him spending “alone time” with her. Of course, it’s quite possible, and even likely, the pair will meet up over the weekend to spend time together and celebrate Bieber’s birthday in their own way. But how he actually spent his birthday just exposes HollywoodLies for what it is often is: A fiction factory. See the headlines below.


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