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Justin Bieber is scared that his recent diagnosis of Lyme disease could cause the end of his singing career? That's the extremely rude rumor according to one tabloid. Gossip Cop investigated the claim and found it false.

"Shocking fears Lyme disease will kill Bieber's career!" shouts the latest copy of the National Enquirer. The tabloid acknowledges Bieber's Instagram post where he explained the situation before it dismisses the singer's own words in favor of anonymous "insiders" and "spies." According to those unnamed tipsters, Bieber is terrified that the condition will destroy his career.

"He knows how it ravaged other singers, and he's afraid," one of the sources tells the outlet. The Enquirer then points to country star Kris Kristofferson's revelation about Lyme disease causing him memory loss. It also mentions Shania Twain's experience with the illness, as well the fact she had to have throat surgery to repair her vocal cords after getting the disease.

It seems like the tabloid only read the first line or so of Bieber's Instagram post where he explained his experience to his fans. "It's been a rough couple years," the singer wrote, "but [I'm] getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever." The comments on the post are filled with praise and encouragement from fellow musicians, with 2 Chainz, Chance the Rapper and Ludacris all cheering Bieber on. Fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne — who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014 — left a comment wishing the singer well, too.

Bieber seems to be in high spirits despite the outlet's assertions. He's posted pictures of himself receiving an IV drip with a sticker encouraging awareness about the disease in between jokes about his mustache. Bieber's obviously not paralyzed by fear as the tabloid tries to claim.

That being said, there's no reason for the star to be at all nervous about his career. He just earned the distinction of becoming the first artist to have a single in the top five of Billboard's Hot R&B Songs and Hot Country Songs at the same time. His newest single is receiving massive amounts of play and attention, and it seems like the whole world is anticipating his next album — all of which has happened after he went public with the diagnosis.

As the tabloid pointed out, Justin Bieber isn't the first celebrity to get the insidious disease. In addition to the aforementioned Lavigne, Alec Baldwin has battled the disease for year and kept his career afloat the entire time. Bella Hadid's had it nearly her entire life, and she's still become one of the most sought-after models today. Former President George W. Bush received a diagnosis while still in office, and it didn't impact his term whatsoever. While the disease can be debilitating, it isn't a guaranteed career-ender. People with Lyme disease are still able to have successful lives despite the disease and the tabloid's scare tactics.

It's despicable for an outlet to try and twist a star's efforts to spread awareness and understanding into a slant against him. This isn't the publication's first attempt at capitalizing on the young singer's health issues. It slammed him for his appearance in 2018 and falsely claimed that his engagement Hailey Baldwin had him breaking out in pimples. Last August, it incorrectly reported that Baldwin had kicked Justin Bieber out of their bed on account of his pimples. The outlet seems to have no reservations about shaming the singer for being open about his health.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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