Justin Bieber In “Romance” With Rebel Wilson?

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Justin Bieber Romance Rebel Wilson

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Romance Rebel Wilson

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Is Justin Bieber in a “romance” with Rebel Wilson? A new report claims the stars are exchanging “secret sexy notes.” Gossip Cop looked into the story.

A headline on the National Enquirer website reads, “TEXTING UP A STORM! Justin Bieber’s Secret Sexy Notes To — Rebel Wilson.” The supermarket tabloid further touts, “Opposites attract in offbeat romance!” And the actual article begins by asserting, “Rebel Wilson believes a romance with bad boy Justin Bieber could have the ‘perfect pitch!'”

The publication, which manages to insult both celebs, goes on to state, “Although she’s got 14 years and several pounds on the 22-year-old pop brat, the cut-up from Down Under has sent ‘loud and clear messages to Justin’ about a potential hookup!” The magazine alleges “it was love at first sight when the two met at a Jennifer Lopez concert in Las Vegas in January,” and then points to comments Wilson later made about Bieber the following month and again this past October.

“And sources said the ‘Boyfriend’ singer has been encouraging Rebel’s come-ons,” claims the outlet, which quotes a so-called “informant” as saying, “Justin sends her flirty emails. He’ll say things like, ‘Keep going, girl — but don’t lose that booty. I like girls with a little meat on their bones!”

A supposed “insider” adds, “They’d be one of the oddest couples. But like they say, opposites attract!” And yet this tabloid tale is closer to a movie plot than reality. While it’s true Wilson and Bieber met earlier this year and jokingly agreed to a date, as Gossip Cop reported at the time, there hasn’t been any “romance” since then.

In fact, Wilson herself said on “The Graham Norton Show” in February, “He hasn’t gotten back in touch with me about the actual date, and I should probably stop talking about it because he’s going to think I’m really weird.” Now all these months later, the National Enquirer is trying to link them again, and it seems for no other reason than Wilson once again joking about the singer during a TV appearance last month.

But that’s all it is… jokes. Bieber and Wilson are not actually sending each other “secret sexy notes.” The tabloid simply crafted a false narrative around a tiny kernel of truth.

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Justin Bieber and Rebel Wilson are in a secret romance.

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