Justin Bieber Did NOT Reunite With Mom Pattie Mallette At L.A. Club, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Reunite mom Pattie Mallette

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Justin Bieber did not reunite with his mom Pattie Mallette for a “night out” at the L.A. club The Nice Guy on Monday, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. The woman he was out with and was pictured kissing him on the head in an Instagram photo (below) was most definitely not his mother.

The Daily Mail, however, published a breathless story about how Bieber and his mother reunited. “Proving they have repaired their once broken relationship, the mother-and-son duo cut happy and relaxed figures as they emerged from the fancy venue together,” wrote the tabloid. The paper then noted Bieber “dressed down for the occasion,” while “Pattie kept it relatively simple, yet, perfectly chic” for their evening out together. “The 39-year-old beamed from ear to ear as she headed towards her car, shortly followed by her superstar son and his large entourage,” adds the outlet.

“During the night’s proceedings, Justin took to his social media sites to share a snap of his mother planting an affectionate kiss on his head,” further claimed the tabloid. The paper then points out how Bieber told Billboard in November that his relationship with his mom was “non-existent” for some time, mostly because he was “ashamed” of himself.

There’s one slight problem with the tabloid’s entire story. The woman out with Bieber and who is pictured kissing him in the photo he shared is not his mother Pattie Mallette. It’s Dr. Jocelyn Miranda, the chiropractor who’s been working on Bieber’s neck issues.

Last week, Bieber posted another photo on Instagram (below) of Dr. Miranda, who he said he was “grateful” for because she “helped” him and has been a “real honest” friend. There’s no word yet where Mallette was Monday night, but she most assuredly was not out clubbing with her Bieber.

Justin Bieber Jocelyne Miranda

(Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber Jocelyne Miranda

(Instagram/Justin Bieber)


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