Justin Bieber “Purpose Tour” NOT “On Hold,” Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Hold Break

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Hold Break

(Purpose World Tour)

Justin Bieber’s “Purpose Tour” is not “on hold,” despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can debunk the sensational story.

Celeb Dirty Laundry asks in a headline, “Justin Bieber Vacation: Purpose Tour On Hold After Awards Show Rant?” The accompanying story states, “It appears that Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose Tour’ is on hold and Justin is on vacation with friends. Justin definitely needs some time off after slamming awards shows as fake and hollow.” The article goes on to wonder, “But what’s going on with the ‘Purpose Tour’?”

“Checking out Justin’s website all previous concert dates have been removed. You can’t tell for certain if Justin scheduled time off or decided at the last minute to take a vacation because he’s burned out,” writes the webloid. But Gossip Cop can easily explain what’s going on.

To answer the clueless site’s questions, Bieber’s tour is not “on hold,” nor did he decide “at the last minute” to take a break. This temporary hiatus was long in the works and built into the tour schedule before it even launched. In fact, the CDL story even goes on to acknowledge that Bieber is getting back on the road in early June.

But instead of recognizing that this is a standard break, and one of several that is scheduled during the tour, the blog tries to twist it into being a sign of some kind of meltdown. Rihanna’s “Anti World Tour” is currently on a hiatus as well, an even longer one than Bieber’s. But of course that’s not being sensationalized.

All artists include gaps in their tour schedules, not just to help themselves, but also their dancers and crew. Bieber didn’t put his tour “on hold” because of supposed personal issues. Celeb Dirty Laundry clearly decided to hold back on the facts.

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Justin Bieber’s “Purpose Tour” is on hold.


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