Justin Bieber Did NOT Abandon Sick Puppy, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Sick Puppy

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Sick Puppy

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Justin Bieber did not abandon a “sick puppy,” despite an inaccurate tabloid report. According to the New York Post, Bieber “palmed off his sick dog on a friend, who’s now trying to scrounge up $8,000 for a lifesaving operation for the puppy.”

After recounting how Bieber got a chow chow in August 2016 that he named Todd, the paper notes the singer’s “infatuation has passed,” and he gave the dog to C.J. Salvador, one of his dancers. But the 7-month-old puppy has a medical issue, and Salvador started a GoFundMe page to repair its birth defect. On the page, Salvador explains Todd has what’s known as “sever hip dysplasia,” and reveals that “by the time he turns 1, he won’t be able to walk, run, let alone play” unless he undergoes very expensive and “specialized surgery.” In the end, the goal of $8,000 was met and exceeded.

Still, the tabloid took a swipe at the singer by pointing out, “Forbes estimates that Bieber made $56 million in 2016.” Of course. Bieber’s net worth has nothing to do with the dog he no longer owns. The paper simply brought it up to imply that Bieber should pay for the pooch’s medical expenses. That’s like a new homeowner calling the previous occupant and asking them down the road to pay for a newly broken window.

Regardless, in an Instagram post titled “Just To Clear The Air,” Bieber’s dancer writes, “Todd is a Salvador,” and that his “parents adopted him which now gives US the responsibility of taking care of him.” Salvador also makes clear that he “did not ask [Bieber] for money because he has nothing to do with the situation.” “The breeder did not notify anyone or was oblivious to the fact that Todd was born with this birth defect,” explains Salvador, who further notes, “My family found out about his condition when they took him in for a check up before they had him neutered.” Salvador, who’s grateful for those who donated to Todd’s recovery, ends his post, “It really troubles me how the media can make a beautiful and inspiring situation into a petty story to make someone else look bad. #page6.”

Oddly, the New York Post has a habit of ripping Bieber for things to which he’s not remotely connected. As Gossip Cop reported a few months ago, the tabloid slammed Bieber for refusing to do a “sex scene with another guy” for a movie called Uber Girl. There was one problem with that article: As Bieber’s rep exclusively confirmed to Gossip Cop, the singer was never in talks to be in that film in the first place. Much like that inaccurate story, the paper is barking up the wrong tree when claiming Bieber “palmed off” a sick dog on one of his dancers.

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