Justin Bieber: “I’m So Proud” Of Shawn Mendes (PHOTO)

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Justin Bieber Proud Shawn Mendes

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Proud Shawn Mendes

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Justin Bieber says he’s “so proud” of Shawn Mendes… now that he knows who he is. See video and photo below.

The two Canadian singers had a mutually embarrassing moment earlier this week when Bieber was asked for his thoughts on Mendes during an interview with New York’s 95.5 PLJ. “Who’s Shawn Mendes?” a thoroughly perplexed Bieber asked. Even when it was explained to him that Mendes is a rising star who has a growing hit right now with the song “Stitches,” nothing rang a bell. Bieber vowed, however, to “check him out for sure.”

For his part, Mendes acknowledged on Wednesday that, despite their similar backgrounds, they have never crossed paths. (They did both attend the VMAs, though — see photo above.) “We haven’t met, but I guess he just doesn’t know [me],” Mendes said in a BBC Radio 1 interview. “I’m definitely a fan of him. I looked up to him for a while, but I guess he just doesn’t know who I am. We’ll have to let him know.”

Well, Bieber certainly knows now. He made good on his vow on Thursday, posting about Mendes and his music on both Twitter and Instagram. “Checked out the music. Way to go buddy. @ShawnMendes #Canadians,” tweeted the superstar. On Instagram, Bieber posted a photo showing he had Mendes’ music cued up, and captioned the shot, “Shawn I checked out the music and I’m so proud! So glad to see another boy from Canada crushin it. #canadiansdoitbetter.”

Mendes seems touched that Bieber took the time to look him up, and tweeted in reply, “Thanks man! Means a lot!!!” Bieber responded, “Anytime.” So, now that Mendes only has a handful of dates left on Taylor Swift’s world tour, and Bieber is busy planning one of his own, maybe these two Canadians should team up? Eh? See Bieber’s photo and video below, and tell us what you think!

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