Justin Bieber Prom Crashing Upsets Chatsworth High School Officials

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Justin Bieber Prom Crashing

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Prom Crashing

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Justin Bieber’s prom crashing may have been a dream come true for some Los Angeles students, but the unexpected drop-in has left school officials upset.

As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber, along with Hailey Baldwin and model Gabby Westbrook, popped into the Chatsworth High School prom on Saturday, where students mobbed the superstar on the dance floor. Bieber mingled with some of the students, who ecstatically posted videos of his appearance on social media. The official Twitter account for the senior class even thanked Bieber for stopping by.

But the L.A. Unified School District isn’t nearly as happy about the surprise, claiming Bieber forced his way into the event. The prom was held at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, where the singer was in a recording studio working on his upcoming album. Administrators say they were aware that Bieber would be on the property, but tell TMZ they were “assured that he would not come out to interfere.”

That apparently changed, however, when Bieber’s “entourage” allegedly “pushed past the school’s security to gain access to the dance floor.” The district says they were angered because they worried the situation would become dangerous due to possible crowd control issues, jeopardizing the safety of the students. Still, officials do admit Bieber gave them a “once in a lifetime experience.”

And Bieber’s camp says no one tried to stop the performer from entering the dance, which he only did after being invited by some of the students he met outside the venue. Furthermore, he only stayed for a few minutes, and, ultimately, his appearance didn’t actually cause any problems. TELL US: Whose side do you agree with?


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