Justin Bieber Prank Calls Fan On Ellen DeGeneres Show – WATCH VIDEO

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Justin Bieber Prank Call Ellen

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Prank Call Ellen

(Ellen DeGeneres)

Justin Bieber, who seems to be on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” every week now, tells the talk show host one of his favorite things to do is prank call people, which is exactly what he does to a fan on Monday’s show. Bieber called a fan named Jocelyn, who attends the University of Massachusetts, and tries to prank her about her poor class attendance. Watch the video below.

Before pranking Jocelyn, Bieber admitted to DeGeneres, “I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends,” noting it’s in his “top five favorite things to do.” The singer said, however, he never tells the caller afterwards that it’s him. Bieber explained he has two go-to voices when he makes fake phone calls; there’s “John” with a deep voice or a British-accented man named “Peter.”

For the prank of Jocelyn, DeGeneres decided Bieber should call as Peter from the University of Massachusetts’ English department. The host prefaced all this by saying Jocelyn was a Bieber fan and also scheduled her classes around airings of her show. DeGeneres also noted that the young woman was a good student. Still, Bieber was going to rip into her about her schoolwork.

DeGeneres then called the student and Bieber identified himself as “Peter” from the English department. He immediately went after Jocelyn for missing classes the day before. When she noted that it was a snow day, Bieber told her, “We actually had school yesterday,” and asked the calm student to “stop yelling” at him. The talk show host then jumped in and said, “My name is Ellen DeGeneres, and that was Justin Bieber that was on the phone with you just now.” DeGeneres added that she would fly a super excited Jocelyn to California for a taping, and that she would meet Bieber. Check out video below, and tell us what you think.


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