Justin Bieber Vows To Be “Always Here” For Paris Jackson (PHOTOS)

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Paris Jackson Concert Justin Bieber Video Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Paris Jackson Concert Justin Bieber Video Photo

(Shots/Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber and Paris Jackson bonded backstage at one of his “Purpose World Tour” concerts earlier this week. See photos and video below.

Jackson attended Bieber’s Tuesday show at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. As a longtime family friend, Michael Jackon’s daughter was one of the lucky few to spend time with the singer when he was off-stage. Bieber posted the photo at right to Shots afterward, writing, “Thanks for coming by the show, Paris. I’m always here for you.”

Jackson responded on Twitter on Saturday, tweeting, “love you j.” And by the looks of her Instagram, she had a great time at the concert. The teen, who will turn 18 on Sunday, shared a video of herself singing along to “Baby.” She wrote in the caption, “What a dope show.”

Jackson went on to post a side-by-side picture of their new snapshot paired with one taken years ago. It was evident how much they’ve both grown and changed, but perhaps most obvious was how dark their hair used to be. “eh blondes have more fun,” she amusingly said in the caption.

Jackson has been open about her love for Bieber in the past, even feuding with his nemesis Drake Bell on his behalf. In 2013 they were said to have had a brief falling out when she questioned Bieber’s bad behavior and took offense at him not speaking up when Beliebers began cutting themselves. At the time, Jackson was receiving treatment following a suicide attempt.

That all seems to be history now, though, and Gossip Cop is happy to see they are still friends. Check out the photos and video below. NOTE: The photos and video has since been removed.


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