Justin Bieber “#OrlandoStrong” Tweet NOT About Self-Promotion, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber Orlando Strong Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Orlando Strong Tweet

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Justin Bieber did not send an “#OrlandoStrong” tweet for self-promotion, despite a hit piece that wrongfully slams the superstar and compares him to Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Bieber wrote on Twitter, “Up next…. #OrlandoStrong #PurposeTour.” Apparently without bothering to do any additional research, the message led Elite Daily to declare in a headline, “Justin Bieber Just Used The Orlando Shooting To Promote His Tour On Twitter.” The accompanying story begins, “There are certain things you shouldn’t do in the wake of a tragedy, like use it to promote yourself.”

“Donald Trump is the perfect example,” the article continues, noting how the presidential candidate boasted about congratulations in the wake of the massacre. The piece then states, “Justin Bieber is now following his lead. He’s performing in Orlando on Thursday as part of his Purpose tour, and in a tweet he sent about it, he used #OrlandoStrong in reference to the devastating shooting that recently occurred there.”

The author then opines, “Come on, Biebs. What were you thinking? Just when I was starting to get on your side and actually enjoy your music without wanting to stab myself in the ear, you go and do something like this. This was the worst mass shooting in US history and an immense tragedy for the LGBTQ+ and Latino community, so using it as a form of self-promotion is incredibly insulting to the victims.”

The writer goes on, “Even many Beliebers, who are so insanely loyal, they’d probably defend this guy if he accidentally (or purposefully) burned their homes down, would probably (hopefully?) be willing to acknowledge this is just plain wrong.” The piece ends by exclaiming, “STOP MAKING TERRIBLE EVENTS ABOUT YOU, MR. BIEBER. Canada, please take him back.”

To an extent, Gossip Cop can understand why Bieber’s tweet taken at face-value might prompt this kind of reaction. But the harshness here is actually unwarranted. The singer wasn’t using “#OrlandoStrong” to promote his concert, but to express solidarity with the city’s residents.

This wasn’t the first time he made such an effort. The day of the tragedy, he wrote about the shooting on Facebook twice. And, as Gossip Cop previously reported, when he was later urged to cancel the Orlando concert out of safety concerns, he refused, telling fans, “I stand with Orlando in support. Love you Orlando! #OrlandoStrong.” He also posted the below message on Instagram a week ago, which obviously had nothing to do with the “Purpose Tour.” (NOTE: Bieber’s Instagram has since been deactivated, and the message is no longer available.)

Bieber wasn’t expecting people to go out and buy tickets to tonight’s show (which, by the way, is sold out) just because he wrote “#OrlandoStrong.” But it is possible that people living there felt comforted knowing, thanks to his tweet, that the city wasn’t being forgotten or abandoned, and that someone wants to make them happy, even if it’s just for a few hours.

A source close to Bieber exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “His tour has been sold out for months. He wants to be supportive of the city, and it is disgusting anyone would say anything otherwise.”

It’s also worth noting that someone with more than 83 million Twitter followers and probably even more fans worldwide doesn’t need to use a hashtag about Orlando to promote something or get noticed. Bieber’s intentions were pure. The same can’t be said for Elite Daily, which clearly chose to immediately rip everyone’s favorite punching bag rather than investigate the context of the tweet.

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