Justin Bieber Nude Photos: Fans Support Singer After Privacy Violated

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Justin Bieber Nude Photos Fan Tweets

By Andrew Shuster |

Justin Bieber Nude Photos Fan Tweets

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Justin Bieber fans have been tweeting in support of the singer’s privacy following the New York Daily News publishing naked photos of him while vacationing in Bora Bora. Gossip Cop, of course, blasted the paper for shamefully posting the nude Bieber photos. See Twitter reactions below from fans to the Daily News violating Bieber’s privacy.

Many Beliebers took to social media using the hashtag #RespectJustinsPrivacy. A user named @shazamtop20 tweeted, “Photos have surfaced of @justinbieber nude, but we think everyone deserves space and privacy!” Fan page @completebieber commended the pop star for not publicly commenting about the invasive pictures, writing, “Well done on not giving the paparazzi the reactions they wanted. You’re the strongest person ever and deserve the world.”

A Twitter user with the handle @rhydiangrande sent a message to so-called fans who’ve been retweeting the photos, saying, “I am so disappointed in the persons who call themselves beliebers and are spreading the photos.” @KidrauhlsBoo shared a similar sentiment, noting, “And I’m also SO disappointed in some Beliebers.. You don’t realise how disrespectful you’re actually being..”

Fan account @JBFollowArmy threatened, “If u send me Justin’s nude pictures in dms I will unfollow you,” while @ollgisourdream sternly expressed, “if y’all are sharing theses pics it’s disgusting and should be ashamed tbh.” @bocasthot also weighed in on the circulation of the photos, saying, “y’all please stop posting that picture of Justin, it’s so rude and immature.”

@iBieberThought took its anger out on the photographers who secretly snapped the unauthorized photos, tweeting, “I’m so mad random paps took pics of Justin when he was in private trying to get away from everything ugh.” Additionally, @iheartkidrauhls asserted, “No matter where he goes his privacy is always invaded. No human should have their privacy taken away from them.”

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