Justin Bieber Did NOT Ask Adam Sandler For Acting Advice, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber Adam Sandler Acting Advice

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Justin Bieber Adam Sandler Acting Advice

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Justin Bieber did not ask Adam Sandler for acting advice, nor is that the reason the singer had dinner with the comedic actor and fellow comedian David Spade. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

“Justin Bieber Wants to Break Into Acting, Asked Adam Sandler and David Spade for Advice,” Us Weekly announced on its website this week. The tabloid claimed the superstar “sought out some A-list help to guide him in his thespian ambitions.” A so-called “source,” who oddly used first and last names was quoted as saying, “Justin Bieber asked Adam Sandler and David Spade out to dinner to pick their brains about breaking into the film industry.”

The gossip magazine’s supposed snitch continued, “They had a great time! Justin had a lot of questions for them about the movie world.” Added this alleged tipster, “He is trying to educate himself about the industry and learn more about it. He wants to break into acting and directing/producing.” Notably, though, neither this purported “source” nor the outlet seemed to know what advice Sandler and Spade supposedly gave Bieber.

Perhaps that’s because the answer is none, and that’s according to Sandler himself. In a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” the movie star was asked about the claim he dined with Bieber to help his acting career. “I don’t know who said that, but that’s some weird story that they made up,” Sandler bluntly said. “That’s not it at all. We just hung out. He just wanted to go to dinner, me and David Spade and Dustin [Hoffman], and Dustin said no, he ran away, so it was just me and David.”

To no one’s surprise, though, a number of outlets picked up the misinformation from Us Weekly. The Daily Mail, for instance, wrote, “From music to movie stardom? Justin Bieber ‘wants to take acting seriously’ like his ex Selena Gomez who is filming latest Woody Allen drama.” The British tabloid seems to connect Bieber to love interests whenever possible, and apparently brought up Gomez here since she and Sandler both voice roles in the Hotel Transylvania movies. But if Bieber does any future acting, it won’t be because he is trying to be “like his ex,” and his dinner with Sandler had nothing to do with the subject.