Justin Bieber Did NOT Find New “Nice Chick” In France, Despite TMZ Claim

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Justin Bieber Nice Chick

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Nice Chick

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Justin Bieber was not taking a romantic stroll with a “nice chick,” despite a suggestive story. TMZ has again fumbled its reporting on the superstar.

On Friday, a headline on the site reads, “Justin Bieber Finds Nice Chick In South Of France.” The wording implies the singer picked up a possible love interest. But that’s not true. Still, the article states, “Justin Bieber’s a fan of three’s company… it’s how he rolls. The Biebs was hanging onto a brunette beauty while walking near the shore in the South of France. The younger girl appears to be tagging along — maybe the daughter of Justin’s companion. Whatever… he doesn’t seem to mind.”

The outlet continues, “Justin’s girl has great taste — not because she’s with him. Check out her Kate Moss tank. Looks like he made the most of an off day from performing.” Well, Bieber did make the most of an off day, but not in the way the site is implying. The “brunette beauty” strolling with the star was not a random woman. It was Laura Lentz, the wife of Bieber’s pastor, Carl Lentz. And the young girl is the Lentzs’ daughter. The family visited Bieber in Monaco while he’s on tour.

Bieber has previously spent time in public with the Lentzs on many occasions, so there’s little excuse for TMZ not doing researching and correctly identifying the “nice chick.” And this is not the first time the generally reliable outlet has screwed up lately when it comes to reporting on the performer. In May, Gossip Cop called out the webloid for wrongly claiming Bieber was dating Hailee Steinfeld. And just weeks ago, TMZ was duped by a Bieber impersonator. That story was only pulled after Gossip Cop pointed out that Bieber was abroad, and not in Los Angeles, when the outlet erroneously claimed he was partying in L.A. We’re sure TMZ will correct this latest mistake, right after reading Gossip Cop again.

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