Justin Bieber Teases New Breakup Ballad: “How Did We Throw It All Away?” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber New Music Instagram

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber New Music Instagram


Justin Bieber has spent the last few weeks in the studio, and now he’s whetting fans appetites by sharing some of the results. Check out the two teasers below!

Bieber posted two snippets of his new music on Instagram Wednesday morning. In the first clip, the star sings, “How do our lives become lighter?/How do our eyes become brighter?/Gotta believe in something higher.” The song, seemingly an inspirational track, seems to have a John Mayer vibe, between Bieber’s crooning voice, the lyrics, and the acoustic guitar.

The second preview most definitely teases a breakup ballad. Bieber sings, “When it’s raining, it’s pouring/How do I always end up the enemy?/Woah-oh/How do I wake up in the morning/and you’re not right next to me/How did we throw it all away?” Fans are already speculating that the mournful song is about Selena Gomez, who previously inspired Bieber’s 2013 songs, “All That Matters” and “Nothing Like Us.” In fact, he even said in an interview at the time that he wrote “the best music once my heart was broken.”

Bieber has repeatedly said that he’ll deliver new music in 2015, and has dropped hints about his efforts. Earlier this month, he shared a picture of himself with famed producer Rick Rubin, and the superstar’s manager, Scooter Braun, even said the pair was “working on some history” together. And, as Gossip Cop reported, Bieber also gave an impromptu performance at a Los Angeles restaurant last week, after which he tweeted, “Woke up smiling. Last night was fun. Felt good to just play. Had so much fun.” Listen to the teasers below, and tell us if you’re now smiling, too.

NOTE: Bieber has since deactivated his Instagram account and removed his videos.


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