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Justin Bieber was not "caught" with a "blonde mystery woman" after a supposed "split" from Selena Gomez. The woman's identity isn't even a "mystery." Gossip Cop can bust this false claim.

"Moving On! Justin Caught With Blonde Mystery Woman After Shocking Selena Split," reads an inaccurate headline from RadarOnline. According to the site, Bieber and Gomez have "called it quits" and he's "quickly moved on" to a "new babe," with whom he "wasted no time getting cozy." The story largely hinges on paparazzi photos, but the blog also refers to a so-called "spywitness" outside Avenue nightclub, who says in the early hours of Friday morning, "They were laughing at each other."

The website goes on to note that Bieber and the woman were joined by Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion as they then went to The Roxy. Somehow, the same alleged "spy" who supposedly saw Bieber at Avenue also claims to know that the "group ended the night at the newly single Bieber's mansion." Contends this questionable source, "Justin appeared to be beaming about the girl." The outlet even brands them a "couple" and describes them as "smitten with each other." Curiously, while the online publication maintains they "spent the night together," it doesn't even know the woman's name.

Surely if the site really had a knowledgeable "spy," it should've been able to learn the girl's identity. Well, since Gossip Cop does have knowledgeable insiders, we were able to investigate what RadarOnline apparently couldn't. The "blonde mystery woman" in question is Champion's sister, Baskin Champion. Like Abby, who is dating Schwarzenegger, Baskin is also a model and in a relationship. The reason they were all hanging out together is because Bieber attended the premiere for Midnight Sun, which stars Schwarzenegger. As stars often do following film premieres, the group went out to celebrate.

Of course, there's nothing scandalous about Bieber spending time with friends. He certainly wasn't "caught" doing anything wrong, particularly since he was just going about his life in public. The notion that any person of the opposite gender with whom he speaks must be a love interest is ridiculous. Furthermore, far from a permanent "split," Bieber and Gomez are simply taking a break, with the expectation that they'll reunite at some point.

Regardless, though, he committed no crime by talking with another woman, a sentiment echoed by members of Bieber's camp, with whom Gossip Cop spoke on background. Of course, this is the same blog that falsely claimed Bieber was going to propose to Gomez over Christmas. It's hardly a surprise the website is wrong again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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