Justin Bieber “Mystery Female Companion” Only A “Mystery” To Daily Mail

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Justin Bieber Mystery Female Companion

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Mystery Female Companion

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Justin Bieber was not out with a “mystery female companion” on Thursday. The woman was only a mystery to the Daily Mail.

Paparazzi photographed Bieber leaving a West Hollywood establishment, and of course the British tabloid just had to note that he was joined by a “mystery female companion.” The paper even made it try to seem like the pair was trying to make a “low-key exit” in secret. But Bieber had nothing to hide.

The “mystery companion” was Elysandra Quinones, who is a dancer on the “Purpose World Tour.” But the Daily Mail further stepped in it when it said how she was “guided by one of several members of Justin’s security team as she made her way to a waiting limo seconds after the star.” The man is actually David Shreibman, who is also a backup dancer. Not only that, but he’s Quinones’ longtime BOYFRIEND.

A few hours after publishing its wrong tale, the paper updated its online story to identify Quinones, but still failed to acknowledge that she was joined by her significant other and that Bieber was simply out with friends. And then the tale was updated AGAIN to reference Schreibman, but only in tiny-print photo captions.

Let’s be clear: Just because the Daily Mail and its team of “reporters” can’t identify someone doesn’t mean they’re a “mystery.” And just because Bieber is spotted with a girl doesn’t mean there’s something going on between them. In fact, it was two weeks ago that Gossip Cop had to call out the Daily Mail for wrongly linking Bieber to Ashley Benson and Rick Wilkerson’s wife in another “mystery woman” story.

Bieber isn’t some lothario, though at 22-years-old, he’s certainly entitled to have fun with whomever he pleases and embrace the single life. But when he goes out with friends, just like any other person, it needn’t be twisted into some sensational hookup story. See the contrasting Daily Mail headlines below.

Justin Bieber Daily Mail Mystery Female Headline

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Justin Bieber Daily Mail Mystery Female Headline Photo

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