Justin Bieber Kissing Selena Gomez Photo Is Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

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justin bieber kissing selena gomez

By Jesse Spero |


A photo of Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez is now Instagram’s most liked photo ever, at least for the time being.

As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber posted a throwback photo of himself and Gomez in March (see right). Since then, it’s racked up an impressive amount of clicks on the social media photo sharing app. The lip-lock snapshot has amassed a whopping 3,569,262 likes as of Wednesday afternoon.

The picture has now eclipsed a photo from Kendall Jenner, which previously held the record for the most liked Instagram post. A shot of the model from 2015, where her hair is arranged to look like little hearts as she lays on the floor, has earned an equally impressive 3,561,130 likes. With just a few thousand separating them, it is possible Jenner’s post could retake the title.

But it’s actually pretty incredible that Bieber’s old picture managed to out-earn Jenner’s in such a fast amount of time, a sign that it could hang on to its new throne. And it’s worth noting the singer’s kiss photo seemingly came out of nowhere. Bieber simply captioned the shot with “feels,” but never explained his motivation for posting it. Fans were delighted, though, when Gomez herself liked the photo. No word yet on how either star feels about their long-ago PDA now holding an Instagram record.


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