Justin Bieber's mom did not "confirm" he's dating Selena Gomez again. In fact, Pattie Mallette didn't say anything about them dating at all, one way or the other. Gossip Cop can bust this purely speculative and inaccurate claim.

HollywoodLife, which is typically more focused on clickbait than real reporting, has a headline reading, "Did Justin Bieber's Mom Just Confirm Her Son Is Dating Selena Gomez Again? — See Her Loving Tweets." The site writes in the accompanying story, "Mama always knows best! Justin Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette has been on a tweeting up a storm about the topic of love, seeming to confirm reports that her son is back together with Selena Gomez." So, did she specifically mention Bieber and Gomez's romance? Nope.

The webloid points out that on Wednesday, Mallette tweeted video of a Christian rock band, writing, "Crazy wild love! It doesn't stop it doesn't end." The outlet goes on to note, "Pattie is deeply religious just like her son and while some of her posts refer to God's love, she's also just singing the praises of the topic. 'Love love love,' she wrote in another tweet and added 'Love casts out fear. God is love.'"

That leads HollywoodLies to say, "Hmmm... is she trying to tell us that her superstar son is back together with his one true love Selena?" Um, what? As can be seen on Mallette's Twitter page, all she did was write inspirational statements about love in general. There is zero evidence that this is connected to Bieber and Gomez in any way. In fact, Mallette has spent years tweeting about love and God. By the blog's ridiculous logic, every time she did so, she was alluding to her son's love life. Yeah, right.

There is no legitimate reason to infer that any of the messages cited are about Bieber and Gomez. HollywoodLies is twisting Mallette's tweets into something they have nothing to do with. The online publication was also guilty of this with a "Stranger Things" tweet from The Weeknd. Because the performer wrote on Twitter that avoiding spoilers for the popular Netflix show is the "hardest thing" he's ever experienced, the site absurdly suggested he was shading Gomez and their breakup. But much like in this case with Mallette, The Weeknd's tweet had zero to do with Gomez. He was simply making a comment about a TV show, just as she has simply made comments about love.

But because HollywoodLies is desperate to exploit all things Bieber and Gomez right now, the webloid tried to connect them to completely unrelated things. It was completely irrational in both instances and done for no other reason than to get fans to click on the posts. Readers and fans, beware.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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